Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day in the Park

This is from 8/13/12. Bill actually had to go to work today for one day before we leave for the Canary Islands, so the boys and I are on our own. After breakfast we started out walking to the grocery store for a few things and stumbled upon the US Embassy - good to know where that is. I was a bit intimidated at the grocery store - no English at all on any of the packages - boys pulling me in 2 different directions - better work on this again when I am alone. Anyway, I found about 75% of what I was looking for and we headed back to the hotel for lunch. Then armed with our Metro tickets we headed for the park. We found Parque Retiro, one of the largest parks in Madrid. The boys really enjoyed the playground equipment - all very different from any of the parks back home. The park has huge statues and fountains throughout. We found the puppet theater that gives free shows on Sundays starting in September - need to come back for that. Also there is a big lake where you can rent a rowboat and row around - better come back with Dad for that. Just to work on getting familiar with the Metro, we came home a different route, starting at a different station. Bill was there waiting for us. Now we need to work on packing for our vacation. We have way too much luggage for this hotel room. Can't wait to get into some kind of apartment.

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