Monday, September 3, 2012

Ever Been to the School Nurse Before the First Day of School?

This is from 31-August. It is Orientation Day for Adam at the American School of Madrid, where he will be a second grader startin on Monday 9/3. This was my first visit to the school, and it looks fantastic. Getting there, though, was not easy. The school is a bit out of town, so I guess not very familiar to the average taxi driver. We got one of those drivers who also spoke absolutely no English. Once we got close, Bill called the school two different times and put the taxi driver on the phone and still couldn't find it. As the clock ticked away and the beginning time for the orientation grew closer, I really started to feel like I was on The Amazing Race. After asking about three other people on the street, we finally got there about ten minutes into the Headmaster's speech, not too bad. Adam went off separately with the kids and saw the gym, library, cafeteria, etc. We met with the Headmaster and the Lower School Director and met up together later for a picnic lunch. The boys met up with their friend Henry from the US, who will be in first grade. Jason will be in Kindergarten, which starts on Tuesday - which brings me to the nurse story. The three boys were happily playing on the playground, when suddenly Jason was 'man-down'. He fell off of something and landed on his thumb and was crying hard. His thumb swelled up and didn't look right to me, so they sent us over to the nurse. She was lovely, and checked him out, iced it, said she didn't think there was any serious damage, but to monitor him for increased pain or swelling. She also gave us a dose of liquid Tylenol and the names of two hospitals just in case. We knew he was OK when we got home and he was perfectly capable of playing Wii with an injured thumb. Anyway, it's good that we got to know the school nurse. We will check in with her on Monday at Jason's orientation to let her know he's fine. Tomorrow is moving day - we have an apartment for a month while we look for a permanent place. I cannot wait to get out of this hotel and have some space!

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  1. So glad he didn't get hurt badly and you are happy with the school.
    Busy life continues here with a very successful Fireproof kickoff last Friday night. There are over 30 people registered to attend the Wednesday night sessions.